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We have two possibilities for conferences. First we have the drawing-room in Skattgården. This room is open all year round for groups up to 10 persons. The other possibility, Theodors´s Lagård, is open for larger groups during the summer period.

In the drawing-room of Skattgården, the village members in past times met to discuss mutual problems had religious meetings or just to drink coffee together. You are invited to have your conference in a personal and nice atmosphere in the former family Johansson´s old home. Coffee is served on the old wooden heated stove in the old kitchen from the 1800īs. During the pauses you can walk around in the house, which is a sort of museum over life in past times. You can also sit in the garden surrounded by lilacs.

In Theodors´s Lagård groups can meet for conferences and meals. The old barn is renovated for its new purpose, but we have chosen to preserve much of the old style. In the barn there is also a bar and a dance floor. The barn can be divided into smaller parts. Maximum there are place for 120 persons.


We can give you a suggestion for activities according to your purpose with the conference. Brunnsta Gård´s resources and our cooperation partners can offer you a lot of things, i.e. cheese testing, wine testing, driving tractor, fishing, trekking, beer knowledge and historical excursions in the village or with flashlight at night in the forest. The nature, which surrounds the village, invites you for walks and jogging tours. We have saunas heated with wood. Remember to bring binoculars if you want to go look for elks or birds.


In Theodors´s Lagård, an old barn, we can offer groups at maximum 120 persons to have parties. We can help you with all the practical details such as food and music. Our service is always the best. In Theodors´s Lagård there is a bar and a dance floor. You can stay over night in our apartments and rooms close to the Theodors´s Lagård.


Get married in one of our small historical churches, Övergran or Yttergran, and have a peasant wedding at our farm. We prepare Theodors´s Lagård for you with flowers and birch trees and arrange everything for the dinner. In the near there are many who can help you with your dresses, your flowers, your hair, the photos etc. You have everything nearby on your wedding day. Your family and many of your guests can easily stay over night here.









Take a short walk to windmill Backa Kvarn

Windmill Backa Kvarn

Theodors Lagård
Theodors Lagård

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