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Since many years we are organizing study tours in Sweden and in the district. Mostly the groups have had interest for the countryside and farming but we have also arranged tours for other groups such as companies, schools, pensioners and handicapped. We visit farms with animals and cereals of all kinds, with small scale food production (jam, cheese, berries, fruit, beer, bakery etc.) and forest production. We also visit establishments with for example modern solutions for energy production or waste management and a moose farm. Just tell us what you wish to see and we will arrange a very nice and interesting program for you.


Since 1995 we have arranged tours for groups to Italy. We have many interesting contacts both in the cities and in the countryside. We have made a lot of programs which have been much appreciated. It is always nice to go to Italy. Here you will find everything you can wish for. It is beautiful. The wine, the olives, the sausages, the mushrooms, the cheese and all the other drinks and food are delicious. To that the thermal baths gives you the opportunity to really relax. If you wish to shop Italy is famous for clothes, shoes, leather in all models, glass, laces, jewellery and of course parmesan cheese and prosciutto ham.

Our tours go from north to south, to the landscapes Toscana, Veneto, Umbria, Emilia Romagna and Lazio. Here you will find a lot of wonderful cities and we are visiting for example Siena, Florence, Pisa, Verona, Venice and Rome. We are also visiting smaller cities, villages and farms. We eat delicious food, drink wines and try the typical aquavit Grappa. The visits at farms, companies and organizations are chosen from the wishes of the group.

Just ask us and we can give you an offer according to your wishes.
Benvenuti in Italia!




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