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The Farm

Today there are two farming families in the old village Brunnsta. We, Lena Glantz Eriksson and Göran Eriksson are one of these families. Our farm, Brunnsta Gård, is an ecological farm (KRAV) and we have ecological grain production. At the farm we have sheep, a cat and a dog. There are many horses just in the near of the houses, but they belong to our neighbours.

Besides the traditional farm crops we have emphasised an ´energy forest´ of willow for energy production. Another result of this forest is that it is a perfect cover for wild animals. At one of our neighbours´ farm (3 km) there are Iceland ponies for equestrian activities.

Some historical information

Brunnsta is a very old village. It is of historical and cultural interest not only for us, but also for Sweden, since most villages of this type has been split up. In Brunnsta the houses are still arranged as in medieval times, close to each other next to the country lane on long narrow strips. We have maps, which are from 1680, and we can see that the village has not changed much since that time.

In and around the village there are plenty of historic relics such as burial grounds, rune stones and rock carvings, that tell us about a much longer history of this place.

One of our goals here at Brunnsta Gård is to see to that the old genuine atmosphere, which still is in the old houses, is to be preserved for the future. We try to combine the old and cosy details with modern life style and equipment.

Welcome to Brunnsta Gård!



This picture of Sjuören was taken around 1920. Further down the road you can see Skattgården and Gammelgården.
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